Self Ticketing for Private Car Parks


You have a car park. People park everywhere. Valued customers can't find a space. Enforce it gently, with our Self Ticketing Systems.

What is a Self Ticketing System?

Exactly what it says. You enforce the tickets, not us. Using the instructions, training and enforcement product packs provided, you control the 'front end' of the system i.e. issuing tickets which CPP then process on your behalf.

What makes us different? There are other companies in the UK offering parking enforcement packages for private carparks. These can easily be found on the internet but how can you be sure of the quality of the service they offer? The Car Parking Partnership was formed to bring the necessary credibility and experience to off street civil parking enforcement. Civil parking enforcement is often a grey area and many private car park owners feel they have no lawful way of controlling their car parks. We believe in keeping enforcement clear and simple. The Car Parking Partnership guarantee to provide you with a package that will run your car park in a non-confrontational and totally effective way.

What car parks? Any private company who experience problems with parking in their carparks will benefit from this professional service. From small car parks with as few as 5 spaces, to larger sites such as sports halls or shopping centres, our service and tailor made packs will benefit all.

What do we provide? For larger carparks, a totally bespoke contract decided between you and The Car Parking Partnership. For smaller carparks, a standard parking stationery pack with full instructions on how to enforce. The services of our civil enforcment officers, if required, and a total back office system including an 8.30-5pm manned telephone call centre and the web enabled back office processing system.

Take a look at the options for under or over 100 spaces, to see the options available for your needs. Contact our sales team by e-mail: [email protected]

The Car Parking Partnership is a trading name of Liberty Printers (AR and RF Reddin) Limited a company registered in England with company registered number 02920033. Registered office: 17 ROCHESTER ROW, LONDON, SW1P 1QT. Car Parking Partnership is a member of the British Parking Association and follows their code of practice. The CPP Printing and Permit Management Systems have been developed by the Liberty Services Group who are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and Carbon Smart accredited company, all data and processes are managed in accordance with these accreditations.
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